XP 3.0 Black Long Range Ebike

Introducing the XP 3.0 Black Long Range Ebike - your ultimate companion for adventure and efficiency. With its sleek, all-black design, this ebike is not just about looks; it's about taking you farther with ease and comfort. The XP 3.0 is engineered for those who dare to go beyond the usual paths, offering an impressive long-range capability that ensures you reach your destination and back on a single charge. At the heart of the XP 3.0 is a powerful motor, seamlessly integrated to provide smooth, reliable power on demand. Whether you're tackling steep hills or cruising through city streets, this ebike delivers performance that you can count on. The robust frame and high-quality components are designed for durability, ensuring your ride is both comfortable and safe, no matter the terrain. Forget about the hassle of maintenance or the worry of running out of juice mid-adventure. With the XP 3.0 Black Long Range Ebike, you're renting not just a mode of transportation, but a gateway to exploring further with confidence. Available now for rent, this ebike is perfect for those seeking to add a spark of excitement and freedom to their daily commute or weekend escapades. Don't just move, explore with the XP 3.0 Black Long Range Ebike!
Free Delivery within a 20 mile radius from Manorville/Ralph Vedder Rd. Saugerties, NY.

Included with Each Rental

Each rental comes with a helmet, lock, cell phone holder and water bottle holder. There will be a $99.00 charge for any helmet that is not returned with the ebike rental and a $75.00 charge for any lock not returned with the ebike rental. There will be a $99.00 charge for lost ebike key or lock key. 

***NOTE*** Everyone must sign a Rental Agreement/Liability Waiver. Go to the Main Menu at the top of the page and click on "Waiver"