How it Works

It's as easy as riding a bike!

1. Booking

 Easily book your half day (4-hour), full day (8-hour), or multi-day rental online by simply clicking the Book your ebike button, choose your bike then follow the booking directions. You must be 18+ to rent a bike.

2. Delivery

 Get your bike! Free delivery within a 20 mile radius of Manorville/Ralph Vedder Rd. Saugerties, NY 12477. Put your delivery details in at checkout. An additional .30cents per mile will be added for deliveries over the 20 mile radius. This charge is for delivery and pickup.

3. Enjoy!

 Enjoy your ride! Use one of our recommended rides or create your own adventure.

4. Ebike Returns

Return the bike to pick up location, we’ll meet you there! Don't be late, plan your ride accordingly.

Our ebikes

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XP 3.0 Black Long Range Ebike

Introducing the XP 3.0 Black Long Range Ebike - your ultimate companion for adventure and efficiency. With its sle ...

XP 3.0 Step Through Long Range Ebike

Introducing the XP 3.0 Step Through Long Range Ebike - your perfect companion for exploring the great outdoors or ...

XPeak HighStep Ebike

Introducing the XPeak HighStep Ebike - your ultimate companion for conquering the urban jungle and beyond! Availab ...

XPeak Step Through Ebike

**Discover the Ultimate Ride: XPeak Step Through Ebike** Embark on an electrifying adventure with the XPeak Step ...

XPedition Ebike

Embark on an unforgettable journey with the XPedition Ebike, your ultimate companion for adventure. Designed for t ...

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Enjoying your ride? Why let battery stop you?

The batteries on the Lectric ebikes have a range of 65 to 75 miles (depending on model) when pedaling on Pedal Assist Mode level 1, according to the manufacturer. The range is about 20 to 50 miles (depending on model) with no pedaling at all. Factors such as weight, wind and grade of riding surface will affect these numbers.

Ready for everything you can throw at them

We stock only the most durable e-bikes, so you don't have any surprises on your ride. Whether you want to through the city or hit the gravel, these e-bikes can take it.